• Related Personnel Participated in China’s 25th Annual Meeting on Competitive Intelligence

  • Sci-tech Intelligence Centre of CREC Won the Title of The Best Competitive Intelligence Team

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Sci-tech Intelligence Centre was founded by China Railway Academy Co., Ltd. under the leadership of China Railway Group Limited and based on its 13th Five-year Plan on Scientific and Technological Development.

We serve the main businesses of China Railway Group Limited, focusing on collecting the information about technological development & innovation, frontier technologies as well as national laws and regulations, etc in the fields of civil engineering, and providing intelligence products, such as intelligence briefing, technical investigation report, benchmarking report and patent analysis report, etc by using... advanced intelligence analysis methods like data mining technique to provide information support for the enterprise development, leadership decision and technological innovation & management.

Sci-tech Intelligence Centre of China Railway Group Limited

Tel:028-67580024, 67580031


Address:No.97, Gunan Street, Western High-tech District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China 611731

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